In 2015 Nicklas co. founded The Base studio together with photographer Ditlev Rosing with the dreams of creating a creative studio that could become the base of great collaborations.

The Base Studio

The Base is a creative production company located in Dronningens Tværgade, Copenhagen. The stories we develop within film, still and motion graphics are first of all rooted in the mentallity of having a good time together with talented people.. Secondly our stories derive from a deep respect for the idea as well as the production.

We don't wrap our company or work in fancy words — instead we take a straightforward and transparent approach to our projects and partners, and the quality of our productions are based on a firm understanding of budget and strategy. It is not just a corny phrase that honesty is the best policy. To us, it’s the foundation for compelling work and long-lasting relationships.


Founded by photographers and directors, The Base offers an inspiring home for everyone to unfold their creativity and dreams. We firmly believe that personal relations and creative skills are equally important, which is why we only work with people who are as awesome to work with as the quality of their actual work. With studios in Copenhagen and Vejby we provide editing suites with two different set ups; The one where everyone involved needs to sit together every day in order to get the ideas right, and then there is the long term project, where you might need to lock yourself up in a little countryside house in Vejby to get your script or edit right. Everyone are welcome in both studios and we think it provides us the perfect surroundings to turn great ideas into reality.

The Base motion

Working with various formats makes us understand the importance of the final touch of a project or the ability to use animation as a tool for the communication of a specific message. We are able to handle everything from retouch & grading, implementing graphics motion elements to full or partly animation films. 

EDITING We work with a diverse group of editors and directors in order to meet the clients' needs and are able to offer our in-house editing suite to create the best foundation for synergy between creativity and production. 

ANIMATION From pencil artists to 3D designers and directors, we bring ideas and stories to life with the use of movement, storytelling, and timing.

VFX A visual craft that clients often take for granted but relies on talent and hours of work - without it being the most notable in the final result, but yet an important cornerstone. We combine expertise and technology and creates visual adjustments that strengthen the message of the film.

COLOUR GRADING When focusing on the final touch, the color grading is one of the key elements to give a film the desired expression and feel for the overall message. Working with some of the best colorists in the world provides a remarkable result - and lifts the film to a higher level.

RETOUCH Still images are not different from a film when it comes to making the final adjustment to make the images fit into a specific style and a visual way of supporting the intended message.

FINISHING Masters for cinema, TV or digital format - we conform and deliver what is needed.

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